Tile exhibition design we need to solve such a few problems. Target customers, improve brand competitiveness, and enhance business value. Specifically: Target audience: What are the main customer groups we sell for tiles? Mainly include (age, gender, education, income, etc.) to enhance brand competitiveness: highlight the selling point. Look for showroom display style and target customer groups docking program. Display layout rationalization.

Enhance brand competitiveness: close to the product selling point. And the characteristics of competitors to distinguish products. Seize the customer’s main needs and additional needs. Access to the brand’s core competitiveness.  

Enhance the value of business: your showroom to tell the target customers, they show not only the tiles, but the strength of ceramic tile suppliers. So they value the purchase. Even if the price is not within the scope of their tolerance. With the three directions easier to handle. We only need to focus on finding and solving problems and feedback. Next to introduce to you about the tiles exhibition hall decoration design things. 

In the design of the style when we try more than right. Shop around Well, this sentence will not be out of date at any time. But now is not like the past. Online and offline price comparison in order to obtain the integrity of information. The main channel under the wired building materials market, decoration company. Online Taobao, public comment and so on. Through the final strength of the comparison of enterprises, choose a strength, and excellent designers is very important to lay the foundation to lay ah. How designers choose depends on your own. But the average middle-aged designer work rigorous, but the lack of creativity. Young designers passion surging, the design of abstract. But often a bit unrealistic, some ideas will be a little difficult to complete. The combination of the two is the best. 

Designers choose to complete the design draft is out after the selection of the problem, as the building materials industry veteran here I do not need to teach you how to choose the material of the bar. You either have a network of friends or you have a building company. So very convenient.  Drawings have, materials have, space layout has, still missing what? Yes, the tiles show exhibition. The last hurdle. How to choose a specific exhibition frame as I have in other articles which have also been introduced. We can look at the past. It is important to remember not to buy to do not meet their own style of exhibition tiles exhibition rack. Of course, customization is the best choice. 

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