Stone display rack installation is a lot of details need to be mastered, if can not guarantee the effect of installation, will greatly affect the use of the exhibition stand. The following is a brief introduction about installation and use of the exhibition under the principle. First, stone display rack installation specification

1, according to the drawings to install

Design drawings should be well in advance, after the design drawings by the staff to install, in the installation process in the event of incompatibility should be made in time, approved by the change before construction.  

2, detection apparatus must meet the relevant national standards

Installation of a variety of measurement and detection equipment, instruments, meters and equipment should be consistent with the provisions of the existing national measurement regulations, the accuracy level of not less than the installation requirements of the accuracy level, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement results. 

3, the installation is complete, the need for quality testing

Many people in the exhibition after the installation is complete without any treatment, which is very incorrect. After the installation of the rack is completed, quality inspection should be carried out to ensure that the display rack can really play a role. Second, the use of stone display rack principle. 

1, high light weight

Placement of goods is very important, the light items placed in the height of the exhibition, the heavy goods on the lower shelf. This is to enhance the overall use of the exhibition rack security. 

2, gently

This is also the basic common sense, gently can be a good guarantee of goods from damage, and can effectively guarantee the safety and stability of the exhibition frame. 

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