How is the space of the tile display rack distributed?

We all know that the price of facades in Xiamen is indeed relatively expensive. For the ceramic tile sales owner, how to improve the display effect of the ceramic tile display rack is a very important thing. The space to be used here is to place knowledge. Fortunately, I have completed a subject in space utilization at the university. Today, I will share the scientific use of space in the tile store.
The plane area is so large. What if the utilization rate is increased? In fact, we can use three sides: (three-dimensional space, wall space and ground space) With these three aspects well planned, your exhibition hall placement cannot be worse.
Wall space: This concept is easier to understand. It is only necessary to lay the wall display shelf on the remaining wall surface. It should be noted here that the inclination should not be too large, and the large tile should be placed in a low position, and the small plate should not exceed the horizontal position of the human sight. People now generally have cervical spondylosis. If the angle is too high, most people are unwilling to see it for too long, and it also hurts the cervical spine.
Three-dimensional space: According to the actual height of the store, purchase a small display area with a sufficient height of the display rack. Such a display rack can use a three-dimensional space with high utilization. Or more tile samples are placed. However, it is important to note that the bottom plate of the display rack must be stable or directly fixed.
Floor space: My suggestion is to place it in a “back” shape. It can be placed on the back of a column. The zigzag shape can make the best use of the floor space while taking into account the tiles on the wall space. Also the customer’s take and watch.
If these three spaces encounter conflicts, for example, the space display rack blocks the customer’s view of the wall display rack. Then we need to operate according to specific circumstances. Take all factors into consideration and work out a vantage point that best fits each space display stand.

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