What are the acceptance criteria for stone showcases?

What are the standards for acceptance of stone showcases? Now the demand for stone showcases is increasing, and the number of stone showcase showcases is increasing. But when we purchase showcases, how do we go about acceptance? This problem may lead to purchase of showcases The people are stumped because they really don’t know how to carry out the acceptance of the showcase. In response to this question, I will give you a detailed introduction below.

The first step: confirm whether the quantity of the display cabinet received is in accordance with the order delivery, various accessories are complete, the color is on the sample, and the packaging meets the requirements.
Step 2: Testing the overall installation accuracy of the showcase
1.The vertical deviation of the showcase piece is not more than 10mm;
2.The height deviation of beams on the same layer is ± 10mm;
3.The deviation of the center distance between the bottoms of the columns of adjacent showcases is ± 2mm;
4.The deviation of the display cabinets in the same lane and the same row is not greater than 5mm;
The third step: display cabinet manufacturing accuracy test
1. The column is punched and rolled by imported CNC machine tools, and the error of the head and tail holes is ± 2mm;
2. At full load, the inside and outside curvature of the column should be less than H / 1000, and the load deflection of the beam should be less than L / 250;
3.The rigidity and strength of the showcase conform to the machinery industry standard GB / 5323-91;
4. Showcase welding process is performed in accordance with national standards. There is no desoldering or virtual welding. Each welding part is manually removed with welding slag and spatter.
Step 4: Surface treatment process
Black blank-remove surface dirt-chemical rust removal-phosphating-spraying-leveling curing-packaging inspection storage, coating thickness 60 microns.

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